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AHHH Its been too long

And just like the title.... its been way tooooooooo long... Its been crazy stupid on how long its been since I posted on here...what ever since megaupload?? Yea now that was a hard core buzz kill, how the heck I am suppose to download dramas now! If anyone knows how PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Dying here cause I wanna download more dramas to fill up my hard-drive hehehe. Anyways Its been long and I really wanna start writing again, I need to. I will be watching a new drama soon so I will upload my thoughts here. Read if you want, its gonna be awesome cause dramas are like the only thing I know I can write about. 


 O.K This is random... but since I was bored this morning and could not sleep last night... I decided to create a list of all the dramas/movies I have seen. Including Japanese,Korean, and even my Chinese/Mandarin(sorry please correct me which one it is. I mean no offense here! ) I 
  What brought this on... well for one, I am bored and restless... :) and 2, I just saw the Korean drama Mary Stayed Out All Night..of course..being a drama lover, LOVED IT!!! Such great acting from all characters in the drama, including the friends who somewhat played a small part in it.
  If you haven't seen it yet and have time on your hand.. I recommend you watch it! Jang Geun Suk did such an amazing job in this drama...Of course if you saw You're Beautiful you would think that his character is so intense that you don't think you can see him in any other film..but of course I was wrong! He was amazing in it as well as the woman Moon Geun Young.
 Well enough of my ranting here about this drama. I am not sure if I will post my complete list of dramas/movies I have seen here...considering how it might be super long!! Hehehe but I will for sure let you guys know how many I have actually have seen..and if anyone recommends me a drama or movie...please let me know. I will be more than happy to try and watch it...if I have not seen it already! :)

Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

Hello-Shinee. Its been in my head for weeks now.. I LOVE the song and the cute video for it, but damn! Im going to get tired of it if it doesn't get out of my head soon.

SM Town 2010 L.A

Ok, here are some pictures I took when I was in LA, like i said earlier..its not great quality but yea..its something. I had recordings on my camera..but it turns out..NO AUDIO!! So sad!!!  But other than that.. I had an awesome time! It was great to see a MASIIVE amount of people attending this concert! The ony shitty part was that they didnt sell anything!! Not even posters!! I was hoping for a shirt or cd or something, I was so ready to drop $100 easy. But the concert was still the best!
  I met some really cool people waiting in line though, they came from Connecticut! It was nice to see such devoted fans! I wish I had gotten there LJ names...damn.


 Ok, so this is really late...but on Saturday the 4th of September. me and my friend Niki, saw Shinee!! and a whole lot of other  bands... I cant ramble for a whole lot cause i am in class...but I have some pictures I would liek to share..its not good but its something...so until 3 hours...JA ne!



Ok, I haven't done a post for a while now... I meant to...but then.....a few things happened.... I GOT A VIRUS ON MY COMPUTER!!!
Yea, right! It was like the end of the world for me!! I had to delete my user account....so yes...ALL of my stuff got deleted!! And I mean everything!! I was so sad... I still am! BUT! I have to be positive  about this,.,,, this means I can download all of the Arashi, NewS, and SHINee songs......
So yea..that means I will have to download all of my concerts and stuff....and I was getting a big collection of AnS too.. MEH!! Bright side bright side!!! Ok, so I just wanted to let all of my friends know I will be downloading lots of stuff soon!! If i need to comment again on the stuff I already downloaded please let me know...otherwise I will not...cause I already left a comment.
  Ok, so good news.... I GOT THE SHINEE TICKETS!! WHOOT WHOOT!! I will be going with my concert buddy Niki!!! Im so fricking excited. I hope they have lots of stuff to buy cause I will be going crazy~!
  Speaking of crazy....school started again....booooo.. so that means I cannot download as much...stupid education!!! But my friend said she got the Rosette stone for Japanese...and guess who is going to try and steal it from her...hehehehe
  Another thing I am going crazy over... I haven't gotten the new Arashi album!! AHHH Talk about being a bad fan i am going crazy...life is too hard sometimes... :(


Ok......tell me i am amazing..... I just got tickets to see SHINee in concert!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!  I am so fricking excited to see them now!! They are so amazing live and they are all sexy to boot!!!!
  I just heard there new song and had to download it!! I mean,.,,,its SHINee!! I am super excited now. My day will be good. I am broke..but it was worth it. I had to get a fix on a concert. I really wanted to go to Japan and see Arashi but of course...its WAY TO DAMN HARD!! PLUS the plane tickets there....SO I wait for when they come to America! I mean if fricking Akanishi Jin from  KAT-TUN( well not anymore i heard? Super sad) can get a concert here in LA. Why can't Arashi?? This is soo f-ed up! Come on Johnny!! PLEASE!!
    Well enough about what I cannot see...but NOW I am so happy./....only thing..is now i have to wait for the day and tickets!! WHEE Something to look forward too!

 P.S The new SHINee song is called Lucifer!!


OMG!!! I just finished Kaibutsu-kun right now and its 1:17am and it was sooo goood!! I fricking LOVED the ending....ok SPOILER alert!! If you have not seen,,,don't read then!!!
   BUT OMG!! Did that no surpise you at then end when they were all eating curry together and then out of NO WHERE!!! Matsumoto Jun pops up and was like,,,,AHHH SEXY smile!!!! AHHH And Then Riida was like...hmm you look familaiar and the MatsuJun winks at him! AHHH I could die of how cute that was!! I pretty must screamed when the wink and the smile....ahhh all too fricking good!!
 I cant wait until MatsuJun's new drama natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku!! SOOO want to watch it... I hope some kind soul is out there and subbing it for people like me who doesn't know Japanese!!
  WHEEE!! I so can't wait for the special on Kaibutsu-kun!! AHHHH I really think I woke up my crazy Aunt right now....meh! I don't care I am so HAPPY!!


 Ok, So i am going soooo crazy right now.... My computer as no one knows, is shitty...words cannot describe how shitty it is right now...All in all, my memory is completely full. Like I have no more room. Anyways, so I am going sooo crazy not being able to download SHIT!! I mean... I can of course...but i risk my computer being even more slow. Its been like 2 weeks since i have not downloaded anything... and I am really going crazy of boredom.....its sad how bored I am.... AND Of course right when you cannot download shit..something REALLY cool comes along and is like " Hey! Download me!" and Im like... "YES!!....oh wait...shit I cannot...stupid computer!!"
 Its super sad and annoying not being able to download stuff.... I think I will have to cave in and download something soon...or find a drama to kill my time.... which.... I think I did....
   Not sure if anyone if watching the drama where Riida...or Satoshi Ohno is in Kaibutsu-kun..... I just watched the first episode the other day...and I have to say...it doesn't look too bad... I so wanna see the second episode...which I might after writing this post.
 But I do agree... at first I was like " EEEHH What the Hell am I watching?" But..of course... Riida's acting is just simply amazing..

 Ok...I do have a question if anyone can answer for me...The vampire guy Dracula is his name of the charactor, but the guy Yashima Norito, he was on a Music Lovers 2009 for Arashi, and he was funny..and loud...then, he was on Arashi no Shukudai-kun(not sure of the episode) 01/10/2010. And this guy was SUPER Funny!! I laughed through the whole episode...soo....going back to what I really wanted to say...If anyone knows what the hell I am talking about..Doesn't it seem a little funny for this guy Yashima Norito, to be playing Dracula....like you see him in AnS and Music Lovers as this guy who is loud, and for me...a little nerdy...to be this vampire/Dracula somewhat ladies man? I just cannot take his character seriously...Like I cannot...but he is good...but I just laugh at his....Dracula character........Anyone feel that way as well..or I am just plain weird...


Ok so I am going to say this even though its June 16, in Japan its June 17....HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINO!!! AISHITERU
 Here are the lyrics to my favorite song by Nino. In case no one knows its Niji(rainbow)

Itsumo sou yo.
suneru to kimi wa.
watashi no daiji na mono wo kakusu desho.
sono basho wa kimatte onaji dakara.
kyou wa saki ni itte matte miruwa.

kisetsu tachi ga yuuhi wo tsuretekite
kage ga watashi wo mitsukete nobiru...

bikkurishita kao de watashi wo mitsumete wa
kyuuni kuchi togarase puitto soto miru no.
gomen ne. to iu to
jaa kocchi ni kite yoto
nee, hora mite mite
kage ga kasanatta...

kasa ga butsukari masugu aruke nai.
sonna watashi wo mite waratte iru no.

watashi mo yatte misete ageru no.
onaji you ni kuchi wo togarasu...

yasashiku warau kimi ga
kono jikan ga kuukan ga
nakitaku naru kurai
ichiban daiji na mono da yo.
wazato togaraseteru...
watashi ni gomen ne no henji wo motazu ni
yasashiku kisu shitano...

kore kara wa chotto kurai no wagamama
itte mo ii yo.
demo watashi ni dake yo.

mendoukusai karatte
sunao ja nain dakara
nande ie nai no kana?
suki dayo.
hitokoto yo?
tamani wa kikitaina.
kyou wa watashi to kimi ga
myouji wo kasaneta hi.
ai ga mefuita hi.

la... la... la...

niji ga kirei da yo.
iya, omae no hou ga...
tere hajimeru kimi ni